Quinsay Design 

Quinsay Design is an Open minded design agency.From brand identity and design for print to product projects, everything we do is carefully considered and expertly crafted.
Quinsay Design has been fronting the design industry with its signature experimental approach and its vision in innovation.

Quinsay Design是一间具有开放性设计思维的设计机构。从品牌识别和印刷设计到产品设计,所做的每一个项目都要经过仔细考虑与精心策划。
Quinsay Design通过对项目气质(方向)的控制、创新概念的寻求、跨领域的互动协作进行设计实践。

Our Services

Graphic Design,Visual Identities, Product Design, Typography, Digital Design, Wayfinding, Packaging. 




Quinsay Design Ltd.

Liu He Tian Yu 2-3-3001, Dongxin Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China.

PC: 310052
T: +86-571-8695 7807
E: jumpfox@foxmail.com

Employment & Interns 

Graphic Designer 平面设计师 

Product Designer 产品设计师 

Assistant Designer 助理设计师 

Intern 实习生 

请把你的作品及简历(PDF格式)发送至jumpfox@foxmail.com, 在邮件名称中注明“应聘职位+姓名”,如果合适,会在一周内约见:)。